2022/23 budget and precept

The Town Council has approved a budget for 2022/23. The Council also determined its portion of the Council tax for next year. The Town Council has in effect frozen its part of the Council tax bills. The total amount precepted (taken from Council tax) will be £73,590 (a very slight reduction from the previous year) and represents about 37p per week per household (at band D).
Details of the amounts being charged by the North Northamptonshire Council; and the Office of Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner will be published by those organisations soon but are expected to be higher than the current year.
The amount you will pay in Council tax to the Town Council depends on your property’s banding and estimates are shown below.  Please remember this is the total ANNUAL amount you will pay towards the Town Council.

Band A

Band B

Band C

Band D

Band E

Band F

Band G

Band H