Persimmon Homes Housing Development – Rothwell North

Persimmon Homes Housing Development – Rothwell North

The Persimmon Homes housing development at the north of Rothwell will provide 700 houses, and a direct access through a link road to the A6.

There was great concern about the specific route to be taken into and out of the site and a concerted effort involving local authorities and campaign groups.  As part of the Construction Management Plan, all construction traffic was routed through Desborough from the Market Harborough roundabout.  Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras were sited on the route to police this.  Suspected infringements were reported to the developers and ultimately fines were imposed for non-compliance.  Now that the Strategic Link Road is (almost) open for construction traffic the fines have been collated and will be used for charitable purposes in the two towns.

Each Town Council was allocated £28,155 (a total of £56,310).  The Town Councils each considered applications received and made recommendations to Persimmon Homes to make the payments from the fund.  External advice was sought to confirm that every recommendation was in accordance with the approved Construction Management Plan.

Details of the recommendations made are:-

  • Desborough Town Welfare Committee (debt etc. advice) £3,000
  • European Charter Group (travel contribution) £500
  • Desborough District Guiding (craft material & subsidised uniforms) £600
  • Desborough Town Football Club (equipment and netting) £2,000
  • Desborough Community Development Trust (refurbish shop) £1,500
  • Desborough Mens Shed (equipment) £680
  • 2nd Desborough URC Scout Group (replacement camping equipment) £1,200
  • Royal British Legion Desborough Branch (additional events and support for veterans) £1,500
  • Desborough Pocket Park Committee (children’s groups and ranger days) £500
  • Desborough Carnival Committee (reconditioned trailer) £2,500
  • Desborough in Bloom (purchase of equipment bulbs peat etc.) £4,875
  • Desborough Cricket Club (practice nets resurfacing) £2,000
  • Desborough 3rd Scout Group (camping equipment) £1,200
  • Desborough Civic Society (internal refurbishment) £2,300
  • Desborough Youth Centre Assoc. (upgrade electrics and lighting) £800
  • Vine Trust (carpets and chairs) £1,000
  • Havelock Schools (outside space) £2,000