Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency

At the Council meeting in October 2019, the Council considered its response to the climate emergency question.

The arguments about climate change are well known and information is available elsewhere. It had been suggested that the Council might review its activities with a view to minimising environmental impact. This would involve looking at all the Council’s activities and building-in environmental and energy-saving measures.

The action and impact that the Town Council alone can have is limited.  Some specific activities might include:-

  • reduction of printing by the use of a projector and screen for meetings instead of printing copies of minutes, agenda and reports;
  • replacement (over time) of existing Christmas lights to low energy LED or solar powered lights;
  • actively supporting small and large planning applications with specific provision for new renewable energy;
  • promoting practical action by local people;
  • Bringing together groups of people for bulk purchases;
  • Developing and promoting lift-sharing schemes;
  • Buying green;
  • Reducing and removing single-use plastics from the Council’s operations where possible;
  • Using green transport;
  • Minimising waste going to landfill or incineration;
  • Ensuring the climate change or nature implications of decisions are known;
  • Designating safe walking and cycle routes.

Many of these action points are not under the control of the Town Council.  However, the Council agreed to do what it can to recognise and minimise its impact on the environment: such as in its purchasing, and supporting walking and cycling routes.