Council tax comparison 2023-24

Council tax comparison 2023-24

The services provided by Town and Parish Councils vary across the country and the amount of Council tax which goes to each also varies depending on the activity of those Councils. Details of the overall Council tax charges in each parish in North Northamptonshire are on the North Northamptonshire Council’s website here.  The Council tax charges for Desborough and its immediate neighbours in Northamptonshire are set out below (for ease of comparison, the charge levied at Band D is used).

£2,042.95 – Desborough Town Council

£2,056.99 – Rushton Parish Council

£2,061.17 – Stoke Albany Parish Council

£2,064.46 – Rothwell Town Council

£2,065.42 – Brampton Ash Parish Council

£2,066.46 – Braybrooke Parish Council

£2,066.99 – Harrington Parish Council

£2074.5 – Wilbarston Parish Council