One-way system (Gladstone Street / Nichols Street)

One-way system (Gladstone Street / Nichols Street)

The Town Council has set aside money to fund the change of the road priorities to one-way along Gladstone Street and Nichols Street.

For some time people have been talking about changing Gladstone Street and Nichols Street to create a one-way system to improve safety and to reduce the dangerous movements of vehicles due to insufficient road space.  A formal consultation was carried out by the County Council in January 2018 which led to the idea being dropped and obviously the changes have never taken place.  

Complaints from residents have continued and the Town Council set aside money to fund the changes if they were supported by residents.  The Town Council cannot change the road network: that is the County Council’s function.  

With any changes on the road network it is inevitable that some residents or businesses may not approve of proposals whilst others support them.  For this reason the law requires the County Council to allow a 21 day formal notice period where the public can object or comment.

That formal consultation will be carried out by Northamptonshire Highways and you MUST respond to that in writing if you want your voice heard, whether you agree with the proposals or object.  

A map of the Proposed One-Way System for consultation is on this website.   The idea is to bring traffic from Harborough Road along Nichols Street into Gladstone Street; and from Station Road (big Co-op roundabout) to Harborough Road along Gladstone Street.  The plan includes changes to parking along these routes.  Both Nichols Street and Gladstone Street would be one-way only.  New Street would remain two-way.

An informal consultation carried out by the Town Council received support for the proposals and the matter has been passed back to the County Council to proceed with the works (after its own formal, legally-required, consultation).