• Grievance Procedures (PDF, 150 Kb)

    Procedure for dealing with grievances raised by members of staff (approved 16/02/17).

  • Disciplinary Procedure (PDF, 168 Kb)

    Disciplinary procedure for Desborough Town Council staff (approved 16/02/17).

  • Employer Pensions Discretions Policy (PDF, 67 Kb)

    The Council’s policy when it will exercise any discretions under pension regulations (approved 15/11/18).

  • Staffing Structure

    The Council has only one employee: the Town Clerk who is also the Responsible Financial Officer (RFO).  The postholder is also the Proper Officer as defined in legislation.  No employees are paid above the threshold specified in the legislation for publication (£50,000).  Given that there is only one employee the pay multiple (between the highest paid person and the median wage) is one.  The post is graded at SCP 36 of the 2018 National Joint Council for Local Government Services.