About Desborough

About Desborough


Desborough is a rapidly expanding and changing town situated in north Northamptonshire, with a population of about 11520 (ONS mid-year estimate 2019).  It has ample land for house-building and a number of developments are planed and underway.  Desborough isn’t just housing, we have a number of industries including the traditional (for this area) boot and shoe making with Joseph Cheaney & Sons, and lingerie from Wacoal Lingerie.  Other “Desborough” industries over the years included:-

  • Agriculture
  • Corsetry, Lace-making, and Silk / velvet manufacture
  • Shoe-making
  • Box-making
  • Co-Ops


Is it green?

Desborough has a number of distinct “green” areas.  For further details read here.


Desborough was one of the founding twelve members of the Charter of European Communities and through this has links with 26 EU members.  Through the Desborough and District Twinning Association the town is twinned with Neuville de Poitou in France and with Bievre in Belgium.

Is there any history?

An historical guide to Desborough produced by the then Kettering Borough Council describes more of our history.  The guide refers to two treasured historical items found in Desborough from much earlier times.  Both are housed in the British Museum and photographs are displayed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license and are ©Trustees of the British Museum.  Photographs of these artefacts are in our gallery here.

  • The Desborough Mirror is estimated to be from about 50 BCE.  It has one polished bronze polished side with the other being artfully engraved. It was found again in 1908 and has been with the British Museum  since 1924.
  • The Desborough Necklace is from about the seventh century and was found again in 1876 with other items in the grave of an early Christian Saxon lady.

More about Desborough’s history is here.