Town Council funded massive improvement in CCTV

Town Council funded massive improvement in CCTV

The Town Council funded a massive improvement to the CCTV coverage in Desborough to deter crime and to aid in securing arrests and convictions for criminal activity.

Previously, Desborough had four CCTV cameras owned by Kettering Borough Council: three covering the town centre and one on the Recreation Ground.  The equipment was quite old and the quality was poor.  The Town Council gave the then Kettering Borough Council (now North Northamptonshire Council) a grant of £70,600.30 to fund the replacement of these cameras and the installation of new cameras at other locations.  The cameras are monitored alongside the other CCTV cameras by trained staff working around the clock for North Northamptonshire Council.

The cameras are as shown below:

  • Station Road / Havelock Street
  • High Street / Station Road
  • High Street / Dunkirk Avenue
  • Leisure Centre at The Grange (front)
  • Leisure Centre at The Grange (rear)
  • Braybrooke Road, opposite Hilltop Avenue
  • Braybrooke Road / Straight Furlong
  • B576 / Harborough Road (Grange estate roundabout)
  • Dunkirk Avenue Recreation Ground adjacent to the Bowls Club
  • Chaplins Lane (Dunkirk Avenue Recreation Ground, in the north-west corner)
  • B576 opposite Lower Street
  • Lower Street near the War Memorial gardens

The Town Council has been working with the Police and North Northamptonshire Council to identify any evidence of need for any expansion to the system of cameras in Desborough.