January 2020 Budget Consultation

January 2020 Budget Consultation

The Council will be holding its annual budget meeting on 16 January 2020.  The Council needs to decide its priorities for the coming year and is asking you to help decide where efforts should be concentrated.  

Residents are invited to

  • Write in the spaces in the leaflet which will be delivered to your home (some examples are shown) and return the leaflet to the box in the library. 
  • Email your comments (based on this leaflet) to consultation@desboroughtowncouncil.gov.uk
  • Complete the online survey here
  • Attend the drop-in consultation session with Councillors, which will be held on Saturday 4 January 2020 from 10am to noon in the library building.

The Council has earmarked money for some projects but please remember that it owns no land or buildings, and be mindful that most of the ideas produced would be the responsibility of someone else to fund: but only if it is their priority. The Borough Council, County Council, or private land and property owners, (who may have responsibility for funding some of your suggestions) may decide that your suggestion is not their priority, which is why this Council might consider funding them.

A drop-in consultation session with Councillors will be held on Saturday  4 January 2020 from 10 o’clock to noon in the library building.