Extraordinary Meeting of the Council

An extraordinary meeting of Desborough Town Council will be held online using ZOOM on the evening of Monday 8 March 2021, commencing at seven o’clock to discuss the forthcoming road closure of the B576 between Glebe Farm and the roundabout at Greening Road and Desborough Road, Rothwell (05/04/2021 to 18/04/2021).

Members of the press and public are invited to attend remotely. To join the meeting follow this link: If necessary, use the following – Meeting ID: 871 6076 6351 Passcode: 5542036 If you wish to join by audio telephone only (your normal call charges will apply) dial one of the following numbers: 0203 481 5240; or 0131 460 1196; or 0203 051 2874; or 0203 481 5237 and use the meeting ID and password given above.

Details of the Extraordinary Council Meeting are here Council agenda 08/03/2020 EXTRAORDINARY meeting.