Weather and gritting 4 to 5 January 2022

04 to 05 January 2022

Road temperatures are expected to fall to below -3º and gritters should be out.


More information?

For the most up to date information look at @NNHighways Twitter Gritter daily throughout winter.

You can also view information regarding weather warnings on the Met Office website.

Which roads are gritted and when?

Motorways and trunk roads (e.g. M1, A14, M45, A45 east of Northampton, A5 and A43 south of Northampton) are gritted by Highways England.

North Northamptonshire Council is responsible for gritting some other roads, which are split into two categories:

  • The precautionary network – salting action will take place on the precautionary network whenever there is a potential hazard with forecast temperature of +0.5 or below in the 24 hour forecast period (midday to midday).
  • The adverse network – pre-treated during daytime hours in advance of high confidence of forecasted snow or when the forecast temperatures are not to rise above zero for 48 hours.

Additionally, 1,500 grit bins have been filled for use on public roads and footpaths. If you see a grit bin empty, please report it on StreetDoctor.



Occasionally, gritting arrangements do not go to plan.  Never assume that a road has been treated and always drive in accordance with the prevailing conditions.  Please remember that the majority of minor roads will receive no treatment at all.