The Council has a standing Committee for Personnel and may appoint Advisory Working Parties and Advisory Committees for specific purposes from time to time.  

You can find your other elected representatives by following these links to sites outside Desborough Town Council’s control.

Member of Parliament: Mr Philip Hollobone MP

North Northamptonshire Council: Councillors: Dearing, Howes, and Tebbutt.

Cllr Phil Sawford

Chair of the Council, St. Giles Ward

Chair of the Council Labour Party 46 Federation Avenue Desborough…

Cllr Helen Wood

Vice-Chair of the Council, St. Giles Ward

Vice-Chair of the Council Labour Party 8 New Street Desborough
Councillor Burnham at War Memorial

Cllr Linda Burnham

Loatland Ward

Cllr Andy Coleman

Loatland Ward

Labour Party 40 Thistle Drive Desborough NN14 2JL

Cllr Dean Cornwall

Loatland Ward

Co-opted 20/05/2021 Labour 20 Victoria Street Desborough
Councillor French at War Memorial

Cllr Jim French

St. Giles Ward

Conservative Party 239 Rushton Road Desborough   Dispensation decision "Street…

Cllr Jon Gardiner

St. Giles Ward

Labour Party 36 Leys Avenue Desborough NN14 2PY

Cllr Tim Healy

Loatland Ward

Labour Party 2 Heathcote Grove Desborough NN14 2XF

Cllr David Larmour

Loatland Ward

Cllr Ben Murphy-Ryan

Loatland Ward

Cllr Sue Roberts

St Giles Ward

Conservative Party 26 Regent Street Desborough

Cllr Alan Window

St Giles Ward

Liberal Democrat 1 Foxlands Desborough NN14 2UA