The Council has a standing Committee for Personnel and appoints Advisory Working Parties and Advisory Committees for specific purposes from time to time.  

You can find your other elected representatives by following these links to sites outside Desborough Town Council’s control.

Member of Parliament: Mr Philip Hollobone MP

North Northamptonshire CouncilCouncillors: Dearing, French, Tebbutt, Matthews

Councillor Burnham at War Memorial

Cllr Linda Burnham

St. Giles Ward

Chair of Council Independents for Desborough Represents the Council on:…
Councillor Draycott at War Memorial

Cllr Steve Draycott

St. Giles Ward

Independents for Desborough Committees: Community Grant Advisory Panel
Councillor French at War Memorial

Cllr Jim French

Loatland Ward
Councillor Holmes at War Memorial

Cllr Gil Holmes

Loatland Ward

Independents for Desborough Committees: Personnel Committee Download: Dispensation Decision Notification

Cllr Irene James

St. Giles Ward

Independents for Desborough Represents the Council on: Rothwell North Working…

Cllr Bill Keys

St. Giles Ward

Independent Represents the Council on: Desborough Pocket Park Committee
Councillor Larmour at War Memorial

Cllr David Larmour

Loatland Ward
Councillor Read at War Memorial

Cllr Jean Read

Loatland Ward

Vice-Chair of Council Independents for Desborough Committees: Personnel Committee

Cllr Phil Sawford

St. Giles Ward

Labour Party Represents the Council on: Leicestershire and Northamptonshire Rail Action…

Cllr Jo Watson

Loatland Ward

Labour Party Jo was co-opted by the Council at the…