2021/22 budget consultation

The Council needs to decide its priorities for the coming year and is asking members of the community to help decide where efforts should be concentrated.  At this early stage the Council is asking for ideas and suggestions.  Any suggestions will be considered by the Council and may be taken forward into the formal budget process (which may involve estimates  and formal costings).

How do I contribute to the discussion?

Two consultation sessions will be held online (using Zoom) because the Council is not able to host physical meetings owing to the pandemic.

If you wish to join by audio telephone only (your normal call charges will apply) dial one of the following numbers: 0203 481 5240; or 0131 460 1196; or 0203 051 2874; or 0203 481 5237 and use the meeting ID and password given below.


The first session is on Thursday 01/10/2020 from 7 pm – 8:30 pm 

Meeting ID: 879 1498 5826

Passcode: 419196


The second session is on Saturday 03/10/2020 from 10 am – 11:30 am

Meeting ID: 810 1720 3490

Passcode: 076115